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CMU Trends In Ten: Press Releases

By | Last Updated: March 2020

This is a ten step guide to how to write better press releases as part of a music PR campaign. It considers where press releases fit in and what elements make for more effective media communications.

01. Press releases are just one part of a PR campaign
Some PRs will tell you – probably rightly – that you can place too much importance, and therefore spend too much time, on press releases when contacting the media. A personalised email to – or phone call or face-to-face meeting with – an existing trusted contact will usually achieve more.

But, with hundreds of writers, editors, bloggers, curators and influencers out there, inevitably sometimes you are going to want to send out a press release to your whole database. And even when you have a productive phone conversation with a media contact, they are probably going to want all the key information in writing.

So press releases are an important part of any music PR campaign. Which is why it’s important to get things right when you produce one.