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Pathways Into Music Research Guide 2022

By | Last Updated: May 2022

CMU’s Pathways Into Music Foundation undertakes regular research projects aiming to build bridges between music education and the music industry, so to better support aspiring music-makers.

Along the way we have been mapping music industries, music careers and the music-maker community, looking at how hobbyist artists now routinely monetise their music online, and at the journey DIY phase artists go on as they seek to pursue a career around their music-making.

Some of those music-makers will ultimately engage the conventional music industry – locally and nationally – but there is work to be done before that’s going to happen.

For music-makers in the DIY phase, Pathways Into Music has developed an ‘artist circle’, helping them to navigate the process frontline artists go through in growing an audience and building a business around their songs and recordings. The circle is split into four quarters: creative, fanbase, promotion and finance.

Pathways Into Music then recruited twelve music industry experts to put together ten key pieces of knowledge and information that we should be getting out to music-makers for each quarter of the circle, with 40 top tips in total.

As part of the MUSIC+EDUCATION sessions at The Great Escape 2022 – presented in partnership with the Pathways Into Music Foundation – we published a short guide summarising much of this work. Click on the button below to download a copy of the guide.