Music Piracy

The ins and outs of music piracy

Resources about copyright infringement and the music industry’s long battle with online piracy, including the main legal arguments and precedents, and all the key cases and campaigns pursued by the music industry.


Music Piracy In Ten Steps | CLICK HERE
A ten step guide to the music piracy challenge


Top ten legal battles: Suing the file-Sharers | CLICK HERE
The record industry’s series of lawsuits against the file-sharers

20 Years Of CMU: Pirate Bay | CLICK HERE
The multi-layered legal battle with The Pirate Bay

20 Years Of CMU: The saga of MegaUpload | CLICK HERE
The long-running copyright case against MegaUpload

20 Years Of CMU: Web-blocking | CLICK HERE
A review of the tactics employed to try to combat online piracy

20 Years Of CMU: The record industry’s love affair with DRM | CLICK HERE
How DRM hindered then helped the digital music business

20 Years Of CMU: A brief history of Napster | CLICK HERE
The legal battle with Napster and the precedents it set

20 Years Of CMU: The rise and fall of Grooveshark | CLICK HERE
The legal battle with streaming service Grooveshark