Getting Started In Music

Advice on launching a career or business in music

Resources for those at the start of their music career, explaining how artists make money and build a fanbase, and introducing the different people and companies they work with along the way.


CMU Insights: Making money from music in five steps | Sep 2016
How artists and the music industry generate revenue | CLICK HERE

CMU:DIY: Making money from music | Oct 2017
An artist’s key revenue streams and business partners | CLICK HERE

CMU:DIY: Getting your artist business started – In ten steps | Aug 2017
How new talent can get their artist businesses started | CLICK HERE


CMU:DIY: Making Money From Your Songs And Recordings
Slides from our mini-guide to monetising music rights | CLICK HERE

CMU:DIY: Building A Fanbase & Getting On Stage
Slides from our mini-guide to fanbase building and gigging | CLICK HERE

CMU:DIY: Getting Your Artist Business Started
Slides from our mini-guide to getting started | CLICK HERE

CMU:DIY: Where Labels & Publishers Fit In
Slides from our mini-guide to the role of labels and publishers | CLICK HERE